Hello, I want to compile short clips of film for personal use. Part of that use is to encode, if necessary, some movie clips that hold inspirational value and meaning to me personally. So that I can watch them on my Creative Zen player. It has a 2.5 inch screen and will be great for playback where ever I'm at. I would like to refer back to them at will and compile them with similar clips.

I am new to all video editing and would like a good beginner's program that's basic, cheap (or free) to begin with, so as I come to learn what is possible and more of what I want to do. I can expand my options in the direction I want when I'm prepared to invest in software.

I'll be grateful for any help I get, I've been wanting to get going on many projects for some time now, but have no clue what's out there and where to begin. My pc is pretty new and should be adequate for most any system requirements.

Thanks for any and all help!