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    Hi all, I purchased a Samsung VP-DC171Wi video camera and am having a lot of trouble getting the files onto my computer

    Firstly, it doesnt always copy video files onto the 8cm DVD, and if it does my programs have trouble opening them.. It records fine onto the camera however

    Do I have to finalise for this to work properly.. If so, it doesnt allow me to finalise my DVD... its really weird and gay

    Its actually really important for me to do this, as its for my uni course.. I have to make roleplays so i need to be able to load videos into movie maker and edit them and stuff

    any help is very much welcome and apprieciated


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    If your camera does not have a connection to a PC via USB lead then you will need video decoding software to convert from the inf files to something like mpeg files that you can edit on most video editing software. I use AVS video editing tools and find them very satisfactory but the choice is yours. Just Google "Video editing and decoding software"
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