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Thread: Combining clips into one DVD

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    Default Combining clips into one DVD

    I have several video clips that are 2 to 15 minutes long, and a motorcycle shop I work with wants a DVD with all of them on it. the only problem is the video quality I upload for youtube is kinda junk, so how do I export dvd quality clips, just export them as a dvd format and save to hard drive?

    and then how to I combine them together to get something that will play on a DVD player, and will seperate the clips with a scene selection, like you would skip from one scene to the next on a DVD?

    Thanks a ton, I have the Adobe maseter collection CS3

    Help a newbie out. and the clips are all kinda like these ones.

    you guys are great in advance

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    Export them as DV-AVI and import into Encore CS3. You can then set up a menu and chapter markers and burn to a DVD. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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