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Thread: Sony HVR-1VE???

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    Default Sony HVR-1VE???

    I will be buying in the next week or so a Sony HVR-1V, Have noticed a price difference between the HVR-1VE and HVR-1VP, i am assuming the P version is a pacific import?? As far as i know they are the same, except you dont get the 2 year Sony Silver warranty with it, the site i have looked on (Brentonville Mall, is this repuitable?) gives a 12 month warranty, there is roughly a 400 difference in price, is one years extra warranty worth 400? Just wondering if anyone had any views on this that could help me out.



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    You may want to read this first...

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    Thanks Niko, think i will steer clear! Has anyone dealt with prices seem to be good and plenty of range??

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