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Thread: Rendering interrupts after 2:30 min or 5 GB

  1. Default Rendering interrupts after 2:30 min or 5 GB

    Hi there,

    When I am rendering a 10min long AVI with MediaStudio Pro 6, the program interrupts rendering always after reaching 2:30 min or when the file size reaches about 5 GB.
    There seems to be a limit in the hard disk configuration, though I have a NTFS configuration (working with Windows 2000).

    After 2:15 min the countdown for estimated time for rendering changes suddenly from ca. 20.000.000 KB to 0 and then starts counting up till 5 GB (with a different sound coming from the PC). Then, at 5 GB it stops.

    Got the update MSP6DVPatch_G-II installed.

    Or could it be that I encounter these problems, cause I am using a freeware?
    Would the installation of the MS Pro 7-Upgrade solve the problem, if this should be the problem?


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    it shouldn't be an ntfs/fat32 problem, because the limit then would be 4gb, not 5. there's nothing that springs to mind that should cause a 5gb limit, so there's something else wrong.

    One thing though, and i don't mean to be patronising, but just because you're running 2k or xp, doesn't mean you're running an ntfs filesystem. They'll quite happily do day-to-day stuff on f32. I'd double check that just to make sure. right clicking on the drive in my computer and selecting properties will tell ya.

    I'm not familiar with MSpro, so can't help on that count, i'm afraid. what codec is the video being rendered to, btw?

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    and another case of stating the obvious, but do you have sufficient spare disk space?

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    In addition it is worth checking that the Preview File space is set to your dedicated video drive (if you are using one). To do this

    File > Preferences > General Tab > Uncheck box 1 > Check box 2 and set folders to your second drive > Change Hard Disk to your second drive > uncheck the 'Limit Hard Disk usage to' check box > Click OK

    I don't think the MSP 7 upgrade will solve the problem. Like the other contributors I suspect a set up problem. Do bear in mind though that MSP7 offers many other functional and Codec advantages. Try the trial from the ULead WebSite.

    Good to see you posting again Jurgen. Hope that helps.
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    Listen to purejammy, its definitly a checkbox somewhere.

    Vegas, avid, virtualdub, and many other video programs have this option as well. I dont understand why anyone would want to limit the size? Its either a prefrence issue like jammy said, or in the settings when you export. It should have nothing to do with your harddrive.

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