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Thread: Green banding noise in Premier

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    Question Green banding noise in Premier

    Hi All - new to this, so forgive my lack of lingo...

    I have a new Canon XHA1 camera. When I export the video into .m2v format, then import it into Adobe Premier to edit... I am getting green horizontal banding in the video from time to time... I have put a screen shot here for you to see. When I play the original file in Windows Media player it is perfect... no horizontal lines.

    When I save the video, any format, the interference becomes a part of the edited video.

    Sure appreciate any tips. Cheers


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    Please would you confirm that your are capturing your video footage within Premiere.

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    Hi - I captured the video with PInnacle Studio... I didn't have premier on the PC. I reviewed the source video a second time a little closer and there are some of these bands in the source too, so I was begining to think it may be from the transfer process. The camera is brand new, so I was wondering if it is necessary to clean the heads?

    I am going to install Premier on the PC where I am going to primarily capture the video and re-transfer it to see if that solves the issue.

    I appreciate your input and consideration.


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