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    Default Honestech TVR Tuner Card

    Hi everyone,

    i believe this is the right section to ask this;
    I have a honestech TVR Tuner card (
    Philips SAA7130 TV Tuner/FM Radio/Video PCI Capture) on my *other* computer. I can watch tv no problem, i see stuff, and there's audio. But when i record, i can only record image, no sound.

    Anyone got this problem before? How did you solve it?
    If you guys need any specs please let me know, i dont remember them on top of my head, only intel mobo and P4.


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    Default Check your input options

    Hi, I'm using Honestech DVR 2.5 and had the same problem.

    The solution is to choose the correct input on the audio preferences. Just uncheck the Aux or Mic input and select the Principal or Main audio source or whatever is your audio source (I don't know what exactly would be the name of this option on your software, as I'm using a portuguese version).

    I wonder why this is not set by default, heh.

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    interesting, i just went to the audio settings, like you said, and changed the settings (didnt work), so i set it back, and now it works.

    that is the most bizarre thing ever.

    anyway, THANKS! and i can finally record sound! yeah!

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    Default tvr audio

    just go the "settings"
    click on "video settings"
    click the box at "using the internal audio streaming function"
    close the tv tuner
    and then start it.
    you'll get the sound.
    try it

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    Default the reason

    Everytime you try to record, the value for recording on audio settings changes. You must be sure that your card is setup to work with aux line (the blue one) and when you are about to recording go to mixer on audio settings, properties, select recording and when you can see recording settings, after start recording select aun line or line in, this will solve the problem. The bad new is that you need to do so everytime you record a movie from tv or composite.

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    I am Using Honestech TVR 2.5 ( With Intex external TV Tuner Card) to view TV on my laptop. But since two days when I am watching TV, The TV screen area( not the laptop screen, only the Honestech TVR screen) goes black and after some 5 to 10 secs comes back again and the after may be 3 to 4 mins agai goes Black. It was working normally but suddenly one day this problem started persisting.
    I then thought it was my TV tuner card problem and so checked it with another TV tuner card. Still the Problem Persisted. Then I uninstalled the Honestech TVR 2.5 and re installed again But in vain. And then checked the Reviever (Humax) for probles but it seems to work absolutely fine. Then I took my Laptop to my friend’s place and checked it with his cable connection and still the problem persisted. And then I downloaded Honestech TVR 3.0 and checked again. Still no Use
    Can somebody pls help me out with this ?? why My TV screen area on my laptop is goin Black ???

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    I have Honestech DVR 2.5 on my laptop, which is windows 7 64 4GB Memory
    I connected my Directv box to this and I can see the video but no sound and if I click record it says error in recording
    I thought I already tried changing some of the audio options; there are not many audio options
    I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this

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    Hello all! I am new to the forum, and am hoping that someone can help me out here.

    I have a new Sabrent SBT-TVFM video capture card, running with Windows 7. This card came with remote control and Honestech’s TVR 2.5. For the life of me, I can't get that sucker to play in stereo.

    I have loaded all the drivers, and the application with no errors what so ever. I have been around the mill with both Honestech and Sabrent, and haven’t come up with a fix to the problem.

    According to the User manual, when I click on the Mode button, I should be able to choose between Mono, Stereo, Main, SAP, and Main + SAP. Nope, the only selection that can choose is Mono.

    Techs at Sabrent asked me to try the card in another PCI slot, which I did, with no success. It was then that the Sabrent tech sent me a brand new complete unit, stating that he thought the card was @ fault.

    When I go the card, I installed it again with no driver or application problems. Guess what? Still no stereo. I then took the old card, and the new card, and tried them both in a second PC. Again, no problems with drivers or application, but still no Stereo. I even swapped PCI slots on the second PC with no luck.

    I located a copy of Honestech’s TVR 3.0, messed with it a while, got things working as with the TVR 2.5, but again, NO STEREO. Can anyone help out here?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Butch Amarando

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    Looking for advice here. I bought an honestech tvr 2.5 to use on my win 7 laptop but as I recently bought a new laptop with win8, i thought i would try to install it on the new laptop. The device works but only shows my webcam. Also, only the svideo option is highlighted. I plugged in my analogue cable into the device to no avail. I tried to change around the drivers, but computer says best driver is already installed. Any ideas of how to get this working on this win8 laptop?

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