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    Hi all !
    Im starting with this fantastic hobie ...

    I know there are several collections of shorts videos for the start and for make effects like luma ....
    How is the name of this collections ?? Do you have an advice to buy or look for any special ??

    Thanks !

    Alcor from Argentina

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    Hi Alcor,
    There are many different effects and plugins available for Premiere, there are also many sites that have motion backgrounds, DVD menu templates and various other graphics.

    One of my favorite places is Digital Juice - The Leader in Royalty Free Professional Animations, Stock Footage, Music, Layered Graphics, Clip Art and Templates
    Another is proDAD - Solutions for your creativity - Video/Titling/Effects/Composite/Filter/Transition - prodat check out the Heroglyph and Vitascene plugins
    And finally *** Products *** for motion backgrounds and more Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Thanks Chuck !
    im checking the prodad ! ! !

    Thanks a lot

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    Alcorarg - what exactly are you looking for ?

    If you are just starting out in editing more plugins is the last thing you need.

    I am not sure why chuck linked to all those sites - they appear to just be selling stuff.

    If you need video to edit on just down load some free stuff from ' the prelinger archive'.

    Have you got a camera - editing your own video is the bst way to learn.

    Or have I misunderstodd.

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    hey Mark W !
    First ... thanks for your answer ...

    I just finished a basic premier course ... there I saw some little videos and loopeable to use with effects ... for example to make a video like an oldie movie ... or water effect ... thats kind of things ...

    Thanks again !

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    I'd recommend taking another route. If you get too involved with deep effects too soon then you may become good at using them in practical ways, but the films you are effecting may not be the best stuff to put an effect on to, so the result may not have any merit as a piece of visual art.

    If you're serious about the hobby then any amount of time spent with editing should be put to learning basics, like where to cut clips, what 'transitions' are best to suit the film, quality titles etc. Premier comes with more than enough tools to work with. I understad you've done a course, which is good, but get some mileage before getting into deeper stuff, as it's only that way that you'll know what effects will work best with your films, and what you need to do when shooting with the effect in mind.

    Just my view, but a well shot film, cleanly edited, will be a far better thing to achieve at your early stage.

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    Jerry ... you are right ... its like a little boy ... who saw a new toy ... here we say .. I want to fly .. but first is better learn how to walk ...

    Thanks to everybody !

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