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    Default Need information on frames

    I'm sorry if i posted in the wrong section.
    But, I'm new to video editing. and me and my friends have an idea for a promotional video.
    were just sponsoring a YouTube group that help us up from scratch.
    we have iMovie and are trying to figure out a way to add like many of the same person(s) in a single frame.
    not freeze frame. but like the movie is playing with the same person in multiple places in the frame.
    this would greatly help us ever so much.
    thank you to whomever decides to help us.

    once again, sorry if i posted in wrong section, i just signed up today.

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    You'll need better software than iMovie, for what you are looking to do you'll need a fully fledged video editing package (I'm not familiar with what is available for the Mac) but you will need something like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects or Final Cut. You need to record the person against a greenscreen in one position for a few seconds, then keep the camera rolling, get them to move to the left or right and record for a few more seconds and repeat this a few times so they move across the screen and then stop recording. In editing you will have to find the point just before they move and split the clip there and do this will all your clips. You'll end up with 5 or 6 which you need to put on separate video tracks and chromakey out all the backgrounds so you can see the underlying video.

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    thanks man. im going to go buy one of them later on next week. Ill post back with what happens. Thanks again.

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    I think there is a final cut 'lite' for the mac - that may be one to look at.

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