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    Help, I am using a Panasonic NV-GS 250 EB and when played back on my TV the quality is excellent, but after capturing it onto the hard drive and playing it back its grainy, Im using Vista windows media to capture the footage, is this where Im losing quality?
    what setting if any should I be using while capturing?



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    I get exactly the same problem - and as yet can't find answers to it... dvd camcorder (Canon DC330) plays perfect to the TV from the camera - but as soon as I try editing it and re-recording back to a dvd dic - and playing in either the pc or the dvd player - it seems to have lost 2/3 of the quality... I have wondered whether its about the processor in the pc not being very fast (1.66Ghz) or the video card issue maybe - or perhaps its actually all about software - but I doubt that...

    looking forward to any ideas coming in about this!


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    I have just read (should have done so ages ago!) the FAQs on software problems on this forum...:

    I've got a DV camera and capturing via the supplied USB cable, but the quality is awful! I thought digital was supposed to be better?

    The data rate of USB 1.1 isn't sufficient to transfer digital video. You need to use the DV (firewire/ilink) connection to get better quality. And before you ask, the DV standard is firewire and camcorders do NOT use USB2 (which has a theoretically higher data transfer rate). This is because the method of transfer in DV is better suited to video.

    That's something I'll try out - going to order a firewire card and cable now and see what happens... I can't understand why the manufacturers don't supply firewire as standard!?


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    In keeping conversation with myself - I have just realized - this is not the answer as I have also tried putting the recorded mini dvd disc in my pc dvd drive and capturing directly from it without the usb cable - so this still doesn't resolve the problem...


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    think i have solved the problem, I got ULead 11.5 plus and the playback footage is now perfect, it must have been windows that was rubbish

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    No it isnt windows fault.

    A TV does loads of processing to make a picture look better - a PC monitor doesnt.

    What you see on a PC is 'warts and all'. It often appears noisier and the colours will be less saturated and movement may look 'jumpy'.

    On ordinary TFTs blacks are also often too black and more noticable.

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