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    Angry sideways video

    whilst taking a video on my kodak camera the other day, i inadvertently held the camera sideways. consequently the picture now plays on it's side.

    is there any way i can correct this??

    thanks in advance

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    Default sideways video

    Can you tell us what video editing software you are using, it really helps at this point as some do have the ability to rotate your video.

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    many thanks for reply

    i haven't used any editing software

    the camera is a kodak c813 zoom digital one

    when i play it back through Quicktime or Nero, it plays sideways

    the world of editing is alien to me

    just thought i'd try here as it seemed like a good place to start

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    Open up Windows Movie Maker, I don't know if WMM will allow you to open up the video files that Kodak makes but it's worth a try. If WMM can open your video file then click on Edit->Effects and scroll down through the effects till you see Rotate 90, Rotate 180 or Rotate 270. You have to click and drag one of those onto your video clip in the timeline in WMM. You will now have to save a new version of your file. If that doesn't work then download a freeware utility called Free Video Flip and Rotate and use that, it does exactly what is says on the tin.

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    Free Video Flip and Rotate worked perfectly ta

    next do i get the audio + video to match??

    sorry for being a pest


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