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    Default Advice required - Formats, splitting, software, output

    As a newbie I need some advice for a video conversion and editing project.

    I have one long VOB file that I wish to convert, split accurately(!) (to get correct parts), re-join, add titles, add logo (visible permanently), add music, perhaps reconvert.

    I then wish to add this file to my website, to Youtube, and to be able to email the file. Note that I see this as being 2 or 3 different output files.

    1/ A good quality uploaded to my website
    2/ Perhaps the same file upped to Youtube (let them do the conversions of quality/size)
    3/ A smaller file to email.

    I am trying to research methods and choices to be made to do this as easily as possible.

    Three questions:

    1/ I have started by converting to avi and have found that I cannot accurately split the file - problems with keyframes... So I figured if I convert to some other format (from the VOB) it may be possible...?? Can someone advise?

    2/ I also figured that the file files should be in flash format...? Again any advice would be cool..

    3/ And if anyone (!) could subjectively(!) suggest the best software to use for each stage would be good - probably the simplest that will do just the job required, I really don't want to have to learn how to use flash or premiere unless really necessary.

    Free beer tomorrow for anyone that can give me pointers...
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    More reading has turned up more questions!

    So splitting works easier if the codec H.264 is not used, I have been advised to convert from VOB to avi with Xvid or Divx codecs.

    Is this good advice?

    Do I need someone to specify the conversion format and codecs used?


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    I have been using MPEG StreamClip 1.2 (freeware) recently and got good results from it after wanting to take vob files off dvd's. It has very basic editing, you can just do trimming but it seems to be very good when it comes to converting files from one format to another. I also downloaded QuicktimeAlt181 which you need to install first as it has codecs that MPEG StreamClip 1.2 needs to run properly. You then install and run MPEG StreamClip 1.2 and then click on either File->Open Files or Open DVD.

    After you have the file in the program you can then go to File-? and select either Export to Quicktime, DV, AVI, MPEG4 or other Formats. I tend to stick to avi and mpeg4, the avi uses Apple DV encoder and works well with Adobe Prem Pro 2 and once you get it in there you can work away with it as much as you like. If I want to put something on Youtube straight away then I select MPEG4.

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