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Thread: Confusion with Canon XL2 !

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    Default Confusion with Canon XL2 !


    I've decided to buy a professional camcorder to make music videos and short films. after doing some research I thought Canon Xl2 would be the camcorder that I need.

    But I'm a bit confused. I need to know

    what is the difference between XL2 and DM-XL2 ? which one is better?

    why XL2 is being sold for 4500 on amazon but I can get a brand new XL2 for 2089 at

    Does that mean that the one for 4500 is better?

    what is 3CCD ? is the one for 4500 expensive becasue of having 3CCD?


    Any guidence and answer will be appreciated. Thanks

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    Calm down, deep breaths.

    AFAIK - for a given age and xl2 is xl2 is a....

    Oh and btw - a Canon xl2 isnt really a 'professional' camera. Professional cameras are always grey, I think, funny that. But it doesnt work the other way round.

    3CCD? - means 3 charge coupled devices, the bits that convery light to electricity in the camera. For reasons to arcane for mortals to understand they work better if given a single colur, so a prism splits the light into reg gree nand blue - one to each of 3 ccds - but for cmos sensors one works as well it would appear.
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    Default ..

    Thanks a lot for your advice

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