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    Good luck with converting to 24fps in post production without getting a complete mess of frames/skipping/generally making your film look crap without the right tools.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy the 24fps camera. There are other ways of emulating a filmic effect without changing the frame rate (24fps is only one aspect of film stock anyway).

    We shoot in PAL in Europe, so that's already closer to a filmic look.
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    If you want a "Movie Look" than shoot the entire series in 2.35:1 perspective. Don't even bother converting from 25fps to 24fps becouse no one will note the difference. It will just give them more of a headache. What gives movies a "Movie Look" is the fact that in the cinema the image flashes on/off 24 times a second. With PC's and TV's this isn't the case and a TV will show it as 50Hz / 25fps anyway (or at 100Hz in the case of a 100Hz TV). So just stick to 25fps, it will save you a lot off stress. Filming it in widescreen will make it *movie* enough...

    It sometimes also helps reducing the saturation...

    As to movie software. You'd best look on or for Adobe Premiere Pro. eBay is mostly a lot cheaper and not nessesarily second hand.


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