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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but have a quick question about file management. How does everyone store their video files on their machines?
    assuming that you use:

    1 HDD for the operating system
    1 HDD for RAW video
    1 HDD for rendered video

    do you keep all your raw footage in a folder called "project 1", "proj 2" etc?
    Do you back up your raw footage AND rendered video, if so what do you backup to?
    Thanks for all replies

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    I have all my finished films duplicated on 2 drives - one removable and stored hidden away.

    I keep raw footage in the same folder as another copy of the finished film. One every few moths I decide if want the raw video, usually after a year I chuck it unless it has librarary use.

    When funds allow I shall be builing a raid 5 box to relieve my incipient paranoia about drive failures.

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