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    Default Digital action feature KERBEROS

    The 'in production' trailer for KERBEROS - bad guys and worse guys... shot on the EX1 and still in production.

    The high res version can be found at Trailer 1

    A long way to go... but making a movie.

    Our first film, the award winning film BLOOD TIES, shot in 3 countries, 6 cities, a cast of 154, and a crew of 2, should be released toward the end of the year.

    Trailers and clips (action scenes) can be found on youtube of course at

    YouTube - kelymcclung's Channel

    more info coming soon

    respects to the "doing"

    Kely McClung

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    Kely, are you looking for a critique of the video or are you pimping your link? Please read the posting guidelines as this section is for critical assessment and requires one video per thread. I can move to pimp the link otherwise.

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    Looks like a big bucks production - ie more than fifty quid and as such it is techincally impressive, but as trailers go it felt wooden - and where was the vioce of mr trailer ? ? ?

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    Default Kerberos


    I guess I was looking at a bit of both. Feel free to move it, I am afraid I jumped too quick and misunderstood,

    I am happy to be here, these forums tend to have a wealth of input from those who are out there doing and pushing the limits - and I am always inspired by the work - big and small from those who's ingenuity and drive compells them to create.

    The KERBEROS trailer is cut from about 60 percent of the film - the story is still in active production.

    Yes, it was more than 50 quid - though it's still a crew of 4 or 5 people making a movie on a prosumer camera - and trying to make it look, in story, execution, and style, like a studio movie or at least one with a thousand times our budget.

    And I like the feedback from both sides of the pond; trying to make movies with a worldwide audience, and there are distinct 'tastes' and expectations from different parts of the world.

    Lessons learned from BLOOD TIES - which was shot with 2 people on a DVX100 with available light, but definitely pushed the limits of what can be done with 'no budget filmmaking'.

    Happy to have the better camera this time (EX1) and trying to make a bigger 'movie' - pushing our own standards up while hoping to inspire, inform, and challenge others to push the limits of their own creativlty and work.

    We'll try to talk Mr. Trailer Voice Over guy into adding his talents when the movie is finished and the trailer is recut - till then...

    We have a long way to go and I have lot to learn - but making a movie!


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    Certainly has a 'Big Budget' feel - but I think Mark's right - something somewhere lacking... and that something may be 'punch'. My initial feeling was that it's way too long. The sequence near the end for me was, at any rate. - Too many people pointing guns - which I know sounds like a stupid comment considering the subject matter but - I think the audience already knows by that point what to expect...

    Having said all that, it looks good - very good - and it tempts me to want to see the finished article, so job done I guess.

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