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Thread: Help fixing a wery sick wmv file?

  1. Lightbulb Help fixing a wery sick wmv file?

    I wonder if there is any hope for my wmv file on 279 mb here

    but there is obviosly no index in it at all? cause not even VLC player show any playtime at in preview, do i have to mention that no other media player play it

    "Video fixer 3.23" doesnt fix it either, trying to remove the index have no effect at all on the output
    Asf tools v 2.30 claims "File access denied" if you wanna try laborate with the advanced fixer, and it cant either play the file

    no converter, no splitter, just VLC can accept the file..and video fixer, and with VLC it generate weird colors you know how it is
    I wanna test convert this crap, bu it is as i said hard when most softwares doesnt accept the file

    any ideas what the first stepp can be to get a converter to accept it as a input? any freeware fixers?

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    It says "cannot render file" in media player classic

    perhaps there is some render-fixers out there, i have no idea
    i wanna test i dont talk about the sex-life by the way!

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    Try 'super c'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    Try 'super c'
    That was a good advice, gona use this progrom from now on

    first it looked like the output got worse in mpg and avi, but after direct stream copy it to wmv as the sourche there was a greater sadisfaction

    thank you, same quality and saving 100 Mb was the result

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