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Thread: Marketing video :)

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    Default Marketing video :)

    Hello everyone

    I was trying to make a video clip for the company that I work for, what do you think?

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    Welcome Office, sure looks like a ad for a bunch of builders.....but!

    The video has numerous problems and basically does not work, if I saw this I would seriously think if their videos are like this whats their building work like, very scatterbrain would be one way to describe it.

    Titles are too short, need min if 4 seconds for the big read.
    So much content to view in both video, and stills, needs a major edit, pick the best of the best and again edit is too short, seems to be no flow at all to whats being presented.

    Maybe keep building projects together,

    1, shot of computer design / client builder interface
    2, shot of plans in builders hands
    3, work started
    4, bricks, concrete, machines
    5, interior details
    6, finish with before / after shots included / happy client, kids running into new home..!

    About editing video, just go with straignt cuts, there are cross fades in the video for no reason at all.

    Plenty of shots of workers, but very few face shots, 'faces are more interesting than places'

    I would leave the sound of machines out, distracts from the video, music, hmmmm for me did not work, no relationship to edit, felt like fairy music, Bob the builder theme would have worked better..!

    To be honest I would scrap that video, and start a fresh one, write down on paper a flow chart of the video structure before you start, this will help.

    Sorry to be so brutal, but video is...please read below..!
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Thanks rollingstock for the the advice

    I am going to make a new one

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    shouldnt you be wareing hard hats ? ohh, less shots of you all stood around drinking tea

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