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Thread: Sony HDR-FX7E or Sony HVR-A1E??

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    Default Sony HDR-FX7E or Sony HVR-A1E??

    Hi, need a bit of advice deciding between these two, Will be shooting weddings eventually, i have already got an experienced videographer to go out with, and just wondering which model in your experience would be best for this use?? Price seems to be pretty much the same, so just wondering what the pros and cons were for these models.

    Also have a brand new computer in mind, Dell Inspiration 530/2590

    Vista Premium
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor 2.4GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 8MB Cache
    3GB Memory
    640GB Hard Drive
    2 Firewire Connections

    Would this be powerful enough to run an editing programme such as Sony Vegas 7?

    Thanks in advance for you advice!

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    The fx7e is not suitable for wedding work - it has no xlr inputs. Go for it's much better pro bro ( name escapes me)

    I would say the hvr a1e isnt really a good first cam for weddings - prob as low as you should considor going quality wise. The xlrs are in a really stupid place, its tiny and h held so it will be shake city of you are not very careful.

    Dont forget a decent tripod and some quality mics too - a decnt shot gun like a sen ME66, some radio mics, and some cheap tesco suits so you blend in lol.

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    Thanks Mark, Overlooked the Xlrs, rookie error! Can you reccomend a decent first camera? I do fancy Sony's as i have never had any problems with any Sony products i have had.

    I am more worried about finding a decent pair of dressy shoes that wont leave me crippled than a cheap suit, Have plenty of those already lol!!

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    Just been looking through a few review sites and the HDR-FX1E seems to be well liked, does this have Xlrs? If not could i get away with using an MP3 with clip on mic for the service etc and edit it in later?

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