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    I'm new to the forum, just signed up, and was hoping someone can help me out. I've got my wedding video on VHS and my wife would like to have it in digital format.

    I've got a Sony Mini-DV Handycam, model DCR-HC20E PAL. According to the manual it is possible to transfer the video from the VCR into the camera. From there, dump it into my PC. I'm very comfortable getting video off the camera and into the PC, but where I'm struggling is getting the video off the VCR into the camera.

    Has anyone managed to do this? The manual says that it is possible using an iLink cable. I know iLink is just Sony's name for Firewire. The VCR has two Scart sockets on the back, which are obviously analogue and iLink is digital. I assume that you can't get iLink to Scart.

    The camera came with an AV Cable (phono x3 and SVideo x1 to AV type plug) with the relevant scart converter. This only seems to allow Handycam to VCR transfer though.

    So, can anyone advise please? Let me know where I'm going wrong.



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    Does the Sony Mini-DV Handycam, model DCR-HC20E PAL have AV in sockets? If it does then you can connect the vcr to the mini dv camcorder and then connect the mini dv to the computer using the iLink Firewire. You are setting up an analogue to digital converter where the analogue signals from the vcr are going into the mini dv they are then being converted to digital and the output is send to the computer using the iLink Firewire.

    If your Sony Mini-DV Handycam, model DCR-HC20E PAL doesn't have AV in sockets, then you will need some sort of breakout box (try Pinnacle) that usually connects to the computer with a USB cable. The quality won't be as good as using the above method though.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    The Sony Handycam has the following sockets

    USB x1
    DV (iLink\Firewire) x1
    A/V Out x1
    LANC x 1 (looks like a headphone socket on an iPod)

    As I said, the camera instructions state that it is possible to connect the camera to a VCR to transfer video from the VCR to the camera. I used the A/V Out socket and could only go from camera to VCR.

    The instructions mention that I can use the DV socket to connect to the VCR as well. But to do this I assume that the VCR needs a digital interface.



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    Unfortunately the HC20E doesn't have Video IN (only out) - Just checked the Sony website. So you can't connect your VCR scart and use it as an interface to the PC

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