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    im trying to make a music video for school, its an assignment. id like to make it to the cut scenes from FF9, a playstation game, but i dont know how to get them onto my computer and edit them. I need to get them over to a mac eventually beacuse that what we use at school, any advice or anything would really help.

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    1) dedicated analaogue to DV converter/break out box along the lines of an ADVC100
    2) use the analogue ins on your cam and either use this as a convertor directly or record to tape
    3) use the analogue ins of a tv card or graphics card
    4) record a TV (most cams can't handle this)

    Either record directly to PC or via VCR.
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    You could also find a Playstation emulator and capture the videos with that. I once did that, but I forgot which emulator I used.

    Also...uhm...Kazaa or Ares might be good for finding the videos you need. Just a thought. I don't endorse using them, I just, you know...*gulp*...suggested it. *hides from the feds*



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