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    I am new to HD video and need some help please. I've made various searches and I am sorry if I have chosen the wrong forum to post this.

    I have had a Sony TRV950 with 0.7x HG lens for many years and used it extensively whilst SCUBA diving on reefs and in wrecks. The camera was stolen a few weeks ago but I still have the housing and many many hours of mini DV tape.

    I cannot find a secondhand TRV950 (PAL) and the insurance will cover the camera but not a new housing. I believe, that with minor modifications, a Sony HDR-HC9 will fit into the housing. I don't have HD TV or Blueray burner.

    I have a few questions and would like some help and guidance - perhaps someone can point me to a good source?:
    • The HDR-HC9 uses the same mini tapes
    • Can HD recordings be played from a 'non HD' camera
    • Can I play back all my stock of 'non HD' tapes from the HDR-HC9
    • Will I need special software to edit HD tapes
    • After editing HD footage, would I be able to burn 'non HD' disks
    • Can you mix and match different footage when editing
    • Any other questions I ought to be asking before choosing to buy the HDR-HC9?
    Alternatively, does anyone know where I can get a good secondhand TRV 950?

    Thanks in advance


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    yes, I think so, not certain.
    sort of - not all editors, esp cheap ones will edit HDV ( hd is something far better).
    yes - in a decnt editor - they vary.
    will you knock off a pony for cash.


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