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Thread: why isn't digital video standardised?

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    Default why isn't digital video standardised?

    hi i'm a fairly newbie to this editing milarky,
    it all started when i was doin a bit of travelling and wanted to edit some holiday vids.
    at the time i used wondows moviemaker and captured through usb from a panasonic nv gs17 - dv tape.

    the laptop i used, and still am is a steam driven dell inspiron 1000
    ...actually it isn't too bad, i'm running windows xp, it's got 3.2ghz single core processor and 256mb ram although i've ordered another 256 upgrade for it. (think the max is 512 total)

    the first videos i made were easy enough to complete and burn to vcd.
    i used ulead dvd studio to burn to vcd... then i bought an external dvd burner and manged to burn dvds of the same projects.
    these were not the best quality though as i could only capture from usb via moviemaker at 320 or so res.

    then i got my hands on a copy of premire and filmed some live music but premire wouldn't recognise the camera through usb so i bought a pcmca firewire card.
    now i can capture at full quality into premirere.

    now here come some issues i've been having and researching all the different rendering and interlacing stuff which i still son't fully understand...

    anyway... first thing is the lines that i've discovered to something to do with interlacing.
    so.. am i right in thinking... dv input from camcorder will be in pal format - 25fps
    interlaced - bottom field first?
    so i need to set the premiere project to match?

    that's all fair enough... i asumed all settings were correct as the first few songs (each song i filmed from 2 different gigs, edited the different shots and saved as one video) looked ok but i think only one song came out showing the lines

    not massively noticeable but enough to be annoying cos somethings obviously not right.

    i read somewhere that computer monitors diplay progressive so will show the lines but on a normal tv they wont show up cos they are interlaced.
    i don't think thats the problem - maybe i'm missmatching the interlacing settings somewhere between the camera or dvd (my next issue to follow) and project settings in premiere.

    most recently i've began to re edit my previous project from the holiday vid.
    because i had sent one tape back to my brother and only had the other one to work with at the time - i now have all the footage i need including pics gathered from friends in the same place.
    only i've had to overcome another problem...

    my brother saved the other footage onto his freeview hdd recorder thingy - it's a panasonic dmr eh50 what he did was transfer the dv tape to the hard drive and i've either lost it or taped over it.
    so the only way of getting the footage back out is to burn onto dvd
    i then had to find some software to convert the dvd.
    ended up with isofter which converts to 'avi for editor' which is an adobe friendly file.

    but when i get the 2 bits of footage together ( 1 captured from dv camera straight to premiere and other ripped from dvd) the stuff from dvd appears with the lines!

    right now i've reached the point where the final video, after rendering, came out with some blocks of picture screwed up - u know that block noise thing.

    and when i try to re- render it crashes halfway through!

    i've posted all the videos in this thread onto youtube...
    well the last one i'll upload after posting this so keep checking..

    look for charliedingo
    the hol vid is called 'delta belta' then there's the music vids and the re edited hol vid i'll call delta backpackers.

    thanks for reading all that
    any clarification on interleaving, rendering process stuff would be much apreciated thanks.

    i know i'm using a weak system but i figured if i can load stuff up and run it although being a bit slow it should still be able to do what i want.. eventually!?

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    upraded to 512mb ram which seemed to do the job.... still not sure on the lines

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