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    I'm having a weird problem with my vegas 7. It all started when I was trying to figure out why every video I downloaded would only show up as audio and no video. I've realized through all this trouble that I really didn't have the right codec though I was sure that I did. I figured that I should try and download a new codec pack so I did. It really screwed everything up and then none of my vids could go into vegas and get video only audio. A few hours later and now all of my media is offline and I know it isn't a codec problem. I downloaded Gspot and I know I have the right codec for my vids but still the media is offline. I can't even get any of my clips onto the timeline. I've tried to go through this forum to find an answer but no one seems to have my problem. I really need help. Please tell me what I should do.

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    i have a very similar problem myself. i have the right codecs and everything, i just cant get to the visual parts of my episodes. it was right after i defragmented my hard drive too. and every time i open vegas it tells me that the files couldnt be found even though theyre in the explorer ready to be used.

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