I've been serching for this question but until now I've seen no answer. In the end this is probably very simple, but I really don't understand. Thats because maybe I'm new to all of this.

In very basic way, this is what I want to do:

Let's take for example that you have a DVD-Video with a film ... let's say, Hulk (doesn't matter), you have the video and several audios, in English, German, Portuguese, etc, etc.... and you can change from one audio track to another, not missed audio tracks, so you can ear in one language or another.
How is this done in Pinnacle Studio?

To my case, I have my Sony video files (audio already inside the same file) and then I want to put a background music, but I want the user to have the ability to chosse in the DVD-player, if he ears the normal sound from the recording or if he just ears the beackground music without the recording audio.

Can you understand my doubt?

Hope somebody can help me.

Thank you very much in advance for you help.