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Thread: Crashing during timeline render

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    Default Crashing during timeline render

    I'm having a bit of annoying problem with Premiere 1.5 on SP2 - whenever I render, Premiere locks up and I have to kill the application. I lost 3 hours work despite the project autosaving every now and again this morning.

    I'll report back if I find a solution. I think it may well be a RAM issue...
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    if u think its a ram issue run memtest for a good 5 hours or so
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    i think its a ram issue, i had the same problem and upgraded ram, also make sure you have 5-10 gigs of free space on the hard drive that the program is saving on

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    Cheers for the memory jogs. Might well be a space issue as I was working from an old project on an almost full drive. I'll chalk it down to that and change scratch disks on that project in the future.
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    I am experiensing issues with PP 1.5 on SP2 also.
    It is definetly not as stable as PP 1 on XP SP1.
    I get strange "unknown errors" at the end of encoding to _any_ format (mov, wmv, avi).
    Here the other day when I tried to export to mov I had a 4.8GB DV-AVI file and it ended up as a 33.4GB mov file... great! (yes it was almost 10 times as big after compression...) Not that the file actually worked but...
    in general I have alot of problems with the "export to movie" and "media encoder" in PP 1.5.
    I have ended up using Windows movie maker for encoding... PP1.5 sits there for 2 hours encoding and out comes a file that is 800kb and completely useless...
    Anyone with the same problem?


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