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Thread: Sony DCR-SR35E review

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    My first post on this forum, so hello to everyone!

    I am going to buy a camcorder to fill small peaces to use whilst dj'ing. Small bits of film that we can loop and time to the music, using Ableton Live.

    I am seriously looking at the Sony DCR-SR35E as this is within my budget. I picked SONY because, well I guess they are one of the best (?) and i had a camera by them with carl z lens and it was very good.

    Is it a god buy? Good value for money?

    Sorry if this a dull post, but a simple yes or no would be much appreciated.


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    Yes - but - hdrive c corders produce highly compressed data that many editing / vj type programs will likely reject.

    Check the s ware is good to go with this type of camera, ir considor a dv tape camera - less compression and a better picture and all programs will nosh thier data fine.

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    I have a model very similar to macmacman's - mines a Sony DCR SR50E. I note you said hard drives not the best for editing. Would this explain reason why although footage transferred from camcorder (via usb2) then burnt to DVD plays back well on TV, if I edit the same footage in vista WMM then burn to DVD and playback on TV I get choppy footage? Or is this just WMM being poor substitute for a decent video ed package?


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