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    Default Cisco Film Making Contest..

    Are you using digital technology in your home in an amazing way? Want to share it with the world? Got a talented friend with a camera who can interview you?
    Enter into Cisco's Digital Cribs competition on! 10Digital Crib shorts will win $7500 USD! Another 10 will be chosen by peer votes to win $5000 each. Winning Digital Crib clips will be
    seeded on over 200 sites across the internet, for the whole planet to see! This is your chance to tell the world what you're doing with technology! Submissions should be 3 minutes each, and in your native language and are due October 13. Go to Filmaka

    The Feature Film contest's theme for September is "The First Day". Submissions must be 1 to 3 minutes long and must be uploaded by October 5, 24:00 PST. For more info visit Filmaka


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    Filmaka are like busses - there is always one just about to arrive...

    Remember people - never ever pay to enter a comp, this may ask for money as previous Filmaka comps have done so.

    'Filmaka' - even the name irritates me.

    Oh yes - me and my manners - welcome to the boards... er.

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