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    Good day

    I recently entered the hobby video club and actually feel like leaving it again. I borrowed a Canon DC50 for a month's holiday to Namibia in the desert. I experienced and learnt more than I could possibly read in a forum. I have lost a lot of footage, aged 10 years trying to work with the data files in a meaningful manner with various software, codecs this and that and quite frankly, I am not made for these bollocking mini-DVD patience testers.

    I will be preparing for a trip through Africa within the next 6-8 months and need something which will provide (amongst the following) 9 months of sustained filming capability without ANY fits of PMS etc..

    (by the way, unless someone can recommend otherwise, I have decided to go either tape, or HDD)
    My needs:
    1) Robust and reliable data capture without losing data.
    2) minimum optical zoom of 10x
    3) must be able to withstand cold (up to -5 and max. 45 degrees)
    4) I will obviously keep it away from dust, but in Africa a small amount is inevitable.
    5) Must not give errors of: "can't read media type" when I change media or when camera sees a corrugated or bad off road.
    6) I will have a large capacity hard drive and laptop (with firewaire) with me to offload footage from time to time
    7) I have a still camera, so I don't need to worry about still photos.
    Must not freeze on me or take 20mins to start up when I'm in a hurry to film the impending lion kill unfold before me.
    9) I will want to make 1 or 2 good quality (can I ask for HD?) DVD's at the end of the trip.

    I have access to a casablanca editing appliance.

    These models are in my sights:
    Sony HDR-HC1; HDR-HC9; HDR-SR12; HDR-FX7
    Canon HG10; HV20; XH A1

    Does anyone have some advice for me? If someone suggests a DVD camera I will shit myself.

    Thanking everyone kindly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscalot View Post
    If someone suggests a DVD camera I will shit myself.
    Shame you never joined and asked this question first time around. no one here would ever have suggested a camera that records to mini DVD for the reasons you have found out the hard way.

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    ...and if you had to choose one of the cameras that I selected, which one would you go for?

    I'm asking early....


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    Can't realyl offer an opinion on those cameras as I've never used any of them. Sorry.

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    My advice is to get a camera that takes tape - as a rule less compression and the files aer nicer to edit.

    Quite a price range there.... if you are dead serious and want to splash.

    Dont espect the stills to be blindingly good from any video cam - not really the tool for the job, ok for snaps.

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