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Thread: Sony Vegas 8 pro no redering all video

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    Default Sony Vegas 8 pro redering audio/not video

    I've been working hard learning Vegas 8 pro and the first project i've taken on with it has failed so far >.<

    I've recorded gameplay via Fraps and Guncam. After I finished a movie and rendered it, the sound rendered, the Vegas effects for some jpg's I added rendered, and the footage I recorded earlier with guncam rendered. Black screen/added text/music play in the areas that the fraps recorded footage played.

    Fraps files are compressed via VirtualDub with Xvid Codecs (same codec Guncam uses). I have even re-rendered files using different codecs Dvix/M-Jpeg v3/Xvid Mpeg4 and saved as AVI testing it out, and cant get it to render the video.

    I should add that i have no experience redering via Sonay Vegas 8 pro, and I leave the video rendering settings as default :Video: 29.97 fps, 720x480, Lower field first.
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 0.909. OpenDML compatible.
    NTSC DV video files compatible with Sony Video Capture.

    Any help will be appriciated, and I'll check back often for replys!
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    damn, 30+ views and no1 has an idea? :(

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    I think the problem is that most of the more helpful people on this forum tend to be video makers who believe that whether the film is a highly polished scripted tale or an off the cuff opportunist bit of voyeurism, filmmaking involves using a camera to capture shots that no-one else has.

    I'm not trying to knock the validity of making films using fraps etc, just saying that from what I have seen it doesn't particularly appeal to most around here - therefore most around here don't have any experience of that way of working - therefore most around here aren't "qualified" to help.

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    Yah, well, I figured out the problem myself. I searched the web and found many people with the same issue and the resolution was nowhere to be found. However, on a different site, several people at least offered me suggestions, so i will publish the fix to this issue on their site.

    Thanks for your reply.

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