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Thread: The Chase

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    Hi guys me and a mate made a vid in 2006 with a mate for a skool thingy and weve decided 2 make a sequal hoefully b4 the end of the yr but were looking for feedback about every part like good stuff and wut we could improve and everything so yeah watch the vid and feedback posted link in the sfx area aswell caus were looking for sfx feedback as well as 4 all other parts so yeah the more feedback the better

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    hi guys, I am the other creator of the above mentioned vid, and have the job of writing the sequel, what would be much appreciated.
    The vid on youtube is uploaded on my channel, so any other vids featured on there are most likely made by me (feel free to view and comment on those as well)

    *Self Edited: did not realise posting youtube channel was against the rules*

    Thanks =)
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    mr wombird, I just warning you in advance to read the forum rules before posting, its like a time bomb when people post links to their channels, tic...tic...tic..and boom..gone..!

    always had a soft spot for mad bombers..!

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    ah, yer, delete/edit, I didn't realize it wasn't allowed...
    why like a ticking time bomb?
    I don't really get it that much...I guess you guys just don't want people solely advertising or something? otherwise I don't know...

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    actually I did it to show that the vid is uploaded on my channel...a screw it, nevermind, just wasn't aware, guess I'm somewhat of a forum felon now....

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    I was very much like you mr wombird, and reading rules was never my way, but believe me I am a soft touch, I'm a outsider who is turning to the dark side.

    Thanks for the self edited removal of the channel link, I just wanted to save the moderators of these boards some time.

    And time is something we have very little of.

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    Anyway have people watched our video caus we want some feedback b4 we make the sequal
    Need feedback on video from 2006 to make improvements on the soon to be made new version - for film/edit feedback - for SFX feedback

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    So the following are just my opinions (for what that's worth).

    Wait you're not going to get this are you. Let me try again...

    dis is wot i got watchin it. som of the sfx wer OK 4 me an som of the ca...

    Sorry, no, I can't keep that up. You're going to have to manage to translate from real English.

    I thought some of the post-production effects were pretty good. The beheading the lightsaber through the middle with the burn hole left behind. Nice.

    But, that said, I wasn't happy with the various transitions. Generally a simple cut, between takes with a fade to black to break between locations. Even when George Lucas does it the various wipes look pretty naff.

    And then there were the lightsabre fights. OK I know you aren't Ewan McGreggor, but lightsaber movies are a dime a dozen (and some people around here REALLY REALLY hate them so, don't be surprised if you get a hard time for that alone!)

    If you are going to do lightsabers You have to make yours special in some way. Nobody looked particularly dangerous and nobody looked particularly flash. Sorry, but if you are going to do these kind of stunt-led things, you are going to have to make us believe that you are thrashing the hell out of each other with those things, as it is it descends into parody.

    While we are on the topic of selling the shot. A super-squirter is not a dangerous ray gun.

    Your camera work didn't build the tension. There were almost no close ups or reaction shots. The actors didn't do ruthless, or peril, or actually anything.

    I didn't understand what he was doing with the PC at the beginning, why the other guy plugged something into it or what it was for. If that was the central plot device. It lost me, sorry.

    As you clearly have access to After Effects or some other post-processing tool the whole thing could have done with some grading.

    On the positive side, some of it was well edited. the chase rhythm worked for me, there were some nice cuts in there too, and to be fair it was a lot better than some of the rubbish we did in film club back when I was at school (long before the invention of video camcorders. Yes really, there was such a time.)

    You clearly have the enthusiasm and the kit. Choreograph your fights with a lot more care, use tight shots and get in there with a handheld camera at odd angles to imply fast action cut between lots of takes, and cut fast.

    Watch action movies and time the shots, you'll be amazed how short some of them are. Of course it'll make your roto work much more time consuming, but it will pay off.

    OK I've said enough.

    Good luck with the sequal!

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    I agree entirely with what Mark said, but would add the following.....
    Doing "live" sound requires decent micing (quality of mic not nearly as important as getting it close to the source). You obviously realised this and avoided live sound altogether - and attempted to hide this by using lots of volume on the music. You also didn't shoot anyone while they were actually speaking - so as to avoid having to try any ADR.

    The "problem" with this (quite apart from the fact it was obvious you were doing this) and IMO the biggest problem with the whole film is it kept the viewer at a distance from the characters. I didn't feel at all involved and consequently didn't give a tinker's cuss about what happened to any of the characters (or indeed if the world was saved or destroyed). If the viewer doesn't care about the characters, they're not going to care about chase and fight sequences no matter how expertly they are executed and if they don't care a whole bunch of excitement has gone out of the film.

    On the positive, I thought the music was exceptionally well edited to fit the film (so much so that I almost wondered whether you'd taken complete sequences of music and created the storyboard specifically to fit). Shame it was ripped off and illegal though (maybe in college you're allowed to do this sort of thing - I have no problem with it as part of a learning curve) Maybe next time get a friend who's into music tech to get involved and try to compose something out of loops etc. (It'd be too much to ask that someone actually composes something to be played on musical instruments nowadays)

    Good luck with your next project.

    I may be wrong but I think the reason the mods don't like channels posted here is one film - one thread makes it a lot easier to post crits than if you have a number of films in one thread. I don't think there's any objection to you posting a link to your channel - maybe in your sig - just don't ask for feedback on your channel.

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    Mr wombird

    Hope you know some film speak, here we go.

    The plate shot of the hand held device needs to be level and a more interesting frame looks like its shot at tripod height.

    Background music drowns out the spoken word, so be careful on the sound mix.

    About camera work, let the subject move through frame don’t expose the use of cheap tripods with excessive camera moves.

    The plug in power shot with the lap top would be better handled as a brief cut away, or not needed at all, sometimes jumping pointless actions works best.

    Interesting use of what I call the Lucas transitions, that is various frame wipes from various directions.

    Action needs to be shot tighter, sometimes its all very distant, sure you love putting in those effects, but seen one seen them all, get in on faces, over shoulder shots.

    All in all a fine effort but B4 I go let me spk 2 u in somthg u know, its 2 hrd 4 me 2 xpress 2 u like tis, my skool not cool


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