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    Hey all, me and my team have just started a small web show, its very early stage right now. We are getting better mics soon, but the idea is random humor, its not for everyone but I would like some in put.


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    I think you're going to get lot's of 'can I have those 'x' minutes of my life back please' comments about that one. I'm not so vacuous, I'm pleased I showed the dedication and determination to see it through till the end, in the hope that at least one punchline would materialise. Sadly, it never did.

    Stills on a video are the pits for me, they might survive in a documentary about some era before moving pictures, but as a background for empty dialogue it's going to be like supporting a man with a broken leg with a crutch made of jello.

    I'm off to watch some paint dry, it might serve to recover some of those missing minutes.

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    I can see what you're trying to achieve, and it can work well with the right execution. Unfortunately the stills were few and far between, and therefore added little visual impact. When combined with a less than punchy dialogue, the end result is unwatchable.

    It would suggest that this is something you and those involved find humurous, but that not many other people would. For a great exponent of this genre, take a look at fonejacker on Channel 4 in the UK (I'm sure you can find it one the internet somewhere).

    Fonejacker - Fonejacker website featuring all the clips of prank calls
    Fonejacker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    All I will do is send you to this linked video of very clever and effective videos done with cardboard cut-outs....which actually move to a well scripted story.

    YouTube - Tortures for Flies: New Years Eve

    The basic core of you video is there, and you have to remember that you have to move stuff, at the moment your audience is left to blink their eyes to give the illusion something is actually happening.

    When i'm on my last breath of life I will think back to this moment and consider it as time totally wasted.


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