Hey all,

I do a lot of video editing for my church and we are looking at methods that are more permanent on how we can play the videos directly from a timeline such as premier pro or final cut.

we know we can connect the DV camera through a firewire cable and then from the AV line into the vision switcher and it will play back nicely. However I see this as a very temoprary solution seeing as it takes up the use of a DV camera that we need to use for the productions.

I have a BENQ DE350 DVD / HDD Recorder with a 4 pin DV in plug. I tried to hook up my LG laptop which has a 1394 firewire connection, the same one that hooks up to the camera. When tried to connect the BENQ to the Laptop, it did not read anything. We tested the deviced each way, ie conencting the DV camera to the BENQ, works fine, and the DVB camera through the laptop, again, works fine. So it is a simple matter of trying to figure out why the laptop and the BENQ are not talking to each other.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can test this or make some suggestions on what to look for, It would be appreciated.