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Thread: Newbie to the digital camcorder world

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    Default Newbie to the digital camcorder world

    I have spent the last few weeks going through reviews and as usual ended up big more than a little confused.

    My step brother does it for a living but is a little preoccupied and has so far only suggested one camera the Canon Vixia HV30.

    NOw budget in my book is 500 max and unless I go for a trip to America thats pushing it for the HV30.

    Could people put forward suggestions in budget. I've been told not to go hard disk by the bro.

    The camera to begin with wil be for recording football matches but will also be holiday cam (I do a lot of trabvelling etc). Need something good in low light, does not matter if it weights a little. Can provide more info.

    Thanks all in advance

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    The HV30 uses tapes which can tend to lose quality over time. The way things are going all camcorders will be going over to flash memory and the change has already started. The Canon HF10 is really good and the HF11 will go on sale very soon, i've had quite a bit of a play with the HF11, and it's absolutely stunning, i've seen most of the High Def camcorders footage on a huge full HD screen and the HF11 is just amazing, the colours, the crispness, and how it handles movement is just amazing, also the zoom on it is huge.

    If i were you i'd go down the flash memory route. they're generally lighter, quicker, more robust, and the quality is amazing. Unless you're planning to go down the full broadcast quality route, flash would be the best bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skratakh View Post
    The HV30 uses tapes which can tend to lose quality over time.
    Please explain. Digital is digital. It's either a 1 or a 0. You can't lose quality.

    If you mean that if you continually reuse the same tape you'll suffer dropouts I agree, but the beauty of tape is you DON'T reuse it. It's cheap enough that you keep it as a backup and you can ALWAYS get back to the source footage.
    Keeping stuff on a PC's hard disk (or rather two hard disks as one trashed hard disk will wipe out all you archive) takes a lot of discipline that I suspect few other than pro's have.

    The HF10 records in AVCHD which is still (and by it's very nature will probably always be) a total pig to edit in. Not a problem, of cours eif you only want to do the most rudimentary of editing.

    Your step brother is right - if you have to go for high def. I'd say save your money or get a better quality standard def camera for the same money.

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    I've got DV tapes from 10 years ago that still play fine.

    I agree that in consumer video, solid state is likely to push out DV and HDV altogether in the near future, but I betcha in the Pro world they won't be replacing their cameras with solid state any time soon (apart from the Sony EX and Pana P2 formats, pretty much everything is tape)

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    " The HV30 uses tapes which can tend to lose quality over time. "

    Well, just in case anyone is not totally clear thie above is total crap. Magnetic recordings are just about indestructable - even on old analogue stuff.

    Real cameras use tape at the moment.

    AVOID SD card cameras below the p2 ex level - the consumer kit is fatally comromised by lots of compression and odd codecs.

    I had a quick go on a hv30 recently and thoguht it a very nice cam.

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    I have recently bought a Canon HF10 and my biggest grip, it has no view finder, it will however sit in my pocket and will come out with me when I go kayaking again when the weather improves, so it comes down to horses for courses, I had a couple of months of frustration until I got a copy of Ulead Video studio 11.5 plus, it's a nice simple program, and very reliable, and hasn't taken me 6 months to get all the bugs out of it as my first computer editing system did back in 1997, Q-Motion card and Premiere 4.2, later came Fire-wire and Premiere 6 which was less of a problem, so now we move on, and thinking back to previous hassles this has been a dream, only trouble is Premiere Pro CS3 wont handle AVCHD and the cost of Main Concepts Plug-in makes it a very expensive package. so I've decided to keep things simple,

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