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Thread: Upper field first/lower field first/progressive/de-interlace?

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    Default Upper field first/lower field first/progressive/de-interlace?

    Hello people,

    First of all, please bear with me as I am a relative newcomer to video editing and DVD authoring.

    Over the last few months I have been editing/compiling a video montage using many different video clips from many different sources. Most of these clips were originally AVI (Divx) files which I then converted into DV-AVI (NTSC) for editing in Premiere Pro. Some of these I converted using Windows Movie Maker (Gasp) but the majority were converted by importing AVISynth scripts (.avs files - Created with MeGui Media Encoder) into Premiere, exporting into DV-AVI (NTSC) format and then re-importing the newly created DV-AVI files.

    Even though my project is made up entirely of NTSC DV-AVI files, I ultimately intend to author these into both NTSC and PAL format DVD's for viewing at home on TV.

    The thing that is really confusing me is the whole lower field/upper field/progressive/de-interlaced issue. I know that TV's come in two main display methods - Progressive scan and interlaced, although I'm still yet to fully grasp how both of these work.

    Are progressive scan TV's able to play interlaced footage without combing?

    Are interlaced TV's able to play de-interlaced/progressive footage without any distortion?

    How do I optimize settings for each format so that the finished DVD's play properly on both progressive scan and interlaced TV's?

    Do the settings need to be different for PAL and NTSC?

    Thanks in advance...


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    I shoot in 50i (interlaced)...I leave the default settings in Premier Pro CS3 to 'lower field first' in project visible combing at all on both interlaced/progressive TV's..the picture is always crisp.

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    I always use Lower Field aswell, unless you tick on the deinterlace box and then it's greyed out.

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    Just something on interlacing I ran into last week, quite a good explanation of what it actually does.

    How to understand television interlacing | Wonder How To

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    Interalcing remains an option to broadcasters in the new digital broadcast std and most set top boxes produce interlaced ouput so I would be amazed if progressive scan tvs had compatability problems, same for DVDs.

    PAL is always upper field first.

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    I've always used lower field and never noticed any difference, so does this mean there is no difference in which one you choose?

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