You may have noticed a new feature for VideoForums: Video of the Month.

This is a fun new feature aimed at promoting more interest in the already popular user video section. It works failrly simply:

1. Each month every one of you gets to nominate videos that should be included for voting.
2. Only videos posted in the previous month can be nominated!
3. You can do this by clicking the 'nominate this post' button next to the reply button of the original post.
4. This will automatically include the video for voting within the video of the month section for the following month.
5. The limit for nomination is 5, so get those nominations in early.
6. Voting is open throughout the month.
7. At the end of the month, the video with the most votes is honoured with the Video of the Month award.

We have also implemented embeddable videos in the forums. This means that if you post a link with a video in, it will automatically be shown directly in the forums.