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Thread: Brady Bunch 9 square video/audio effect with webcam

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    Default Brady Bunch 9 square video/audio effect with webcam

    Is it possible? I already have a nice webcam and mic for less distortion with layers so I am not worried about that...

    I need something where I can edit the sizes of the boxes if possible have control over where the video shows up and how much of it shows up on screen. I would like to be able to have 3 videos shown split screen 3 way... As though to have 3 characters singing on the screen at the same time... It would be awesome if during the video I can blow up the video or change the size of what is shown. Do any of the AVS programs do this? I just paid for the full subscription because there are so many uses. Even cooler if the program could shift sizes of the boxes so instead of it being a box it could change shape during the duration of the video... Even better if I could control and bend the lines instead of it just being a box or a rectangle... The possibilites would be endless there!

    If AVS does not do this can anyone recomend a program (affordable) that does? I have brilliant ideas for videos and for some of them this feature would be great!

    Tnx in advance for ideas!

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    Any video editor with multiple video tracks such as Premiere Elements will achieve these effects. Essentially you will arrange the clips on the timeline stacked on top of each other, and then apply resizing and movement effects.

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    Thank you for the reply!

    I guess my biggest concern then would be how to delete 2/3 of each of my three videos... This way when the 3 layers are overlapping 2/3 of each video will remain transparent and it won't get in the way of the other two videos when recording.

    What your saying is awesome though. Just what I need!

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