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    PAPER ARMY is a documentary that focuses on the purple and yellow armies of paper distributors on the twilight streets of London.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Paper Army[/ame]

    At the height of rushhour, "Paper Army" contemplates the life of a paper in the hands of the city

    Paper and ink, not in exchange for gold and silver but thrust upon us as if it's encoded script will save us from ourselves

    The purple and yellow paper armies, so vibrant against the grey city of London, yet so invisible.

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    Interesting video. Perhaps personally interesting as I pass these chaps (and pick up their papers) each day. In fact I've often wondered what kind of people take these jobs - as you say, so vibrant and yet so invisible.

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    What I found interesting here is you made a story out of something which is so everyday no one notices, and in that is the art of video.

    It sure looks like you enjoy a good close up, was looking for a grand vista to get my bearings in the streetscape.

    I really wonder how much longer print media will be around, even the free stuff.

    I love that embedded palyer, soooooo nice not to jump ship to view.

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    i liked this, however at the beginning i struggled to get my bearing too after the initial stage it was fine though, just the first 30-40 seconds., great work i loved the quotes.

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    This a subject matter close to my heart - tiny documentary - so I have watched this a few times and cogitated ( in private!).

    I love the idea and the short VPs.

    But the filming style I found intrusive and too 'posed' - you appear to have composed this so that it appears to be 'secret' filming, queer framing, long zooms, candid shots - but then its suddenly close up on a tripod. I am not sure if this adds much and I didnt like it.

    It felt claustraphobic - most of the shots were cropped and very tight and there were no establishing shots really.

    The sound could have been better.

    It also lacked a narrative - a beginning middle and end, or any context ( visual and literal)

    Overall this had the feel of a film made by a first year film student who is showing off a bit too much - less is more.

    I am being picky cos i love the idea but I am not sure the filming style you chose worked. It may have been better to have some more gentle wide shots at the start.
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