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Thread: Strobe/Blurred Effect

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    I am just wondering how to achieve a blurred and slowed down effect whilst shooting on my canon xm1. The effect is hard to explain but im sure you will all recognize it. Im wondering do i turn my shutter speed down? I have tried but nothing is giving me the effect i want.
    Here is an example at 2.09 mins in...
    [ame=]YouTube - Sony VX-2000 Instructional Video[/ame]

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    Yes - slow shutter speed and lots of cam movement.

    Or - you could add post just he same by using motion blurr.

    Great video btw.

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    Here Here - Shutter speed that's slower than your camera's frame rate. Some cameras don't have that slower-than-frame-rate shutter speed option - so hopefully yours does. But as Mark said - get AE savvy man! This is something that you can actually 'fix in post.'
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