Hi there,

Iím looking for some up to date advice on the best gear to pick up in order to set up a budget computer monitor for using RCP and a calibrated monitor / HD LCD for colour correction.

Read an article about this here http://www.dvcreators.net/monitoring...final-cut-pro/ and am looking for the best kit to set up one of these two options and to ask if recent hardware developments have made either of these more viable?

Monitoring option #5: Standard Definition CRT, LCD or Plasma television


Monitoring option #7: High Definition LCD or Plasma TV

I am swaying towards the SD calibrated monitor option with FCP downscaling HDV for the playback and a seperate 180p monitor. I really want to be able to colour correct on the set up and in addition run a 1080p monitor (as the PC monitor) for pixel for pixel cinema display (I think thatís the title) to check graphics from FCP. Any reason to think this is not the best option on this budget baring in mind the need for accurate colour?

I have a budget of between £800 and £1100 for both monitors which I know is tight.

Also I donít have a camera so I need a bridge for the Calibrated monitor output. Any ideas at a price that wonít break the bank?

Couple of notes

I want the computer monitor to be able to handle still image editing too

I will be running this through a new standard spec Mac pro running FCPS 2

Any input on the best hardware would be greatly received.

Thanks in advance for any help