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    I have just purchased Pinnacle Studio Plus (9), and it seems relatively easy to use with lots of good features. I got it particularly because the box indicated that it offered DVD authoring, and uLead DVD Workshop is too expensive for me.

    However, I have half a dozen short (10-15 minute) videos that I want to put on a DVD, and create a front end menu to choose which is played. I would also like to be able to set any of the films to auto-repeat, and not have them all playing in sequence.

    Can anyone advise if Studio Plus can do this, and if so how?

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    Hi Paul,

    I'm not sure what you want to achieve is possible with Studio as I think it authors from the timeline only (and you only have two video tracks). I could be wrong here (as I don't own Studio 9) but that's my understanding.

    I would recommend you post in the Pinnacle Studio forums and see if one of the more experienced users can help out. Failing that why not download DVD-Lab (or DVD-Lab Pro) which have 30 day trials and are great pieces of software. You have a lot of control over DVD production and can include multiple VTS's (which is what you are looking for). Could be a bit of a learning curve though.

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