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Thread: Poor resolution on created dvd's?

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    Default Poor resolution on created dvd's?


    I am new to this forum, - just found it on google and joined to get some advice on some grey areas and one major problem we have with our software...
    We recently bought a Canon DC330 DVD camcorder. It seems to work fine - we are happy with it as far as it goes. However when we tried to create a dvd with the accompanying corel software bundle - the program crashed and it took us some time to eventually realise that the software was incompatible with our system; XP SP3!
    So we have got some new software specific for the job of editing and creating our dvd's... - Enter Cyberlink's 'Power Director 7'... Looks great, seems to work ok too... BUT - the resulting dvd's we create with it are poor reproductions when compared to the original version on the mini dvds played from the camcorder to the tv...
    There are several ' could be's : it might be that our processor of the PC is too slow - it's only 1.666Ghz and the software actually recommends 2.2Ghz or more?
    It could be that the 'on board' graphics chipset is just not up to the job though we don't know whether this would make any real difference? Or it could be the software itself being faulty, though I doubt that. It could be the file format we are saving as - isn't right maybe (Mpeg2)... We can save in Mpeg4-portable but the description favoured Mpeg2 for DVDs.
    What would you folks recommend? The resolution is sketchy and generally poor when edited and re-recorded back onto a normal sized dvd disk.
    There is a possible clue to the problem in that when we watch a mini dvd on our laptop (vista) or the PC screen (ie. straight out of the camcorder) – it has this same poor resolution as that on a dvd created and played from the dvd player to the tv... Whereas the quality from the mini dvd played in the camcorder to the v is excellent... so maybe it is about the graphics card issue?

    We'd really appreciate your help & advice on this!


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