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Thread: need some help :D

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    Default need some help :D

    hi everyone ,

    ok , my problem is :

    i am a dj and producer in belgium and i made a remix from a track from celine dion .
    now i wanted to match her video on my track that the vocals match her video , offcourse its not the same cause i use a few vocals from her so i have to cut and paste end stretch that video but i never did video editing before and now i wanted to try it with nuendo but i cant cut some frames from the video there .
    anyone knows the best solution for this to do that as simple as possible ?
    i also tried moviemaker to but i cant do it there either .

    so anyone can help me with that ?

    many thanks in advance

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    You could do it in Sony Vegas Pro 8 just by pressing Ctrl and squeezing or stretching the video clip end

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    Oh FFS!

    SPAM for a cheap and crappy software. Xilisoft is rubbish, wouldn't touch it with a Belgian bargepole, although if you edit Celine Dion I suppose you will work with anything.


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