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Thread: Hi NTSC/Pal help please?

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    Default Hi NTSC/Pal help please?

    Hi, i have a small issue that i would like some help with, thanks in advance.

    I got the Sony SR11 AVCHD and it rocks, but the problem is that i got it in Malaysia and it is in Pal format. i live in Canada so everything's NTSC.

    Im not to great with gadgets so i didn't foresee this problem at all (which is dumb, cause its pretty obvious) and now i have compatibility issues. Transferring to PC via usb cable works as always, but i can't watch any video directly off the camera on my TV. The component/composite cables supplied with the camcorder don't work, so i ordered a mini-hdmi cable thinking that it might help.

    It works on my PC monitor but not on any of my TVs, i don't know much about PAL/NTSC formats so i can't think of any solutions. Is there anything
    more i can do? i was thinking of selling it on craigslist and using the money to buy a North American one, but it'd mean loosing tons of money. Any help would be greatly apreciated, thank you.


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    I believe that there are several programs that will convert PAL to NTSC where DVDs are concerned-I haven't looked for home video. Could one of those work for you?

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    Does that camcorder not have a Firewire socket? If it does then use that instead of USB to connect to the computer. When you capture video to the computer and after editing it can you burn a dvd but with the NTSC settings? Most editing programs and dvd burning software should have settings for both PAL and NTSC so check the settings in your software or download a few 30 day trials from the likes of Adobe or Sony and try burning dvd's using the NTSC settings.

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