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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, Admin please move it if deemed appropriate.

    This is a total shot in the dark, if anyone can recommend a forum specialising in such stuff please let me know.

    This weekend I've finished making the control unit for my time slice rig. This device gives me independant camera control over the power, pre-stage, i.e. the focussing and exposure lock (I'll be on manual anyway but this needs to be engaged for the shutter to work) and the shutter release, this allows for independent setting up and diagnostics for each camera. Naturally it allows the cameras to be individually committed to a common switch, which fires all cameras which are assigned at the same time. Diodes ensure that even when the cameras are 'armed' to the 'all fire' switch, they can still be triggered independently to avoid having to reset every one should something need to be checked.

    Fine, but further down the road I'd like to be able to fire the cameras in sequence instead of all at the same time, so I need a circuit diagram for a device that will allow this. The criterion which need to be met are:

    a) A single pole switch for each camera, can be solid state or via miniture relay.

    b) The switch needs to latch when closed until reset.

    c) 50 independent switches are needed.

    d) The time delay between each switch operating has to be adjustable up to a maximum delay of 1/25th sec.

    e) I'll need a digital readout telling me what the delay setting is. This doesn't need to be any particular unit of measure, so long as I can record a reading and repeat the setting, so fractions of a second are not a necessity, it could read '5 aardvaarks' for all I care, but I guess if it were fractions of a second that will be best, with a range from say 1/500th sec - 1/25th sec.

    f) The power supply requirements for this unit needs to be in a range of 5.5 - 7.2VDC

    g) Simple LEDS off each switch will be on the device's control panel so that I can visually assess the sequence in action.

    g) The unit will operate in sequence, camera 1, 2, 3 etc.

    h) I need only have the circuit diagram and any setup precedure needed to trim things in. I can suss out the circuit board design etc myself, but if there are any proximity issues with any of the components please let me know.

    This unit will piggyback on to my existing one. it'll simply be connected to my current circuit board in parallel to the existing dedicated camera switches, I've allowed for this. Whilst I'm only on twelve cameras at the moment, I intend to go for a top end of these fifty. There's no rush, I'd like to cut my teeth on the system I have for now, and work on the timer over Winter.
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