Hi Everyone,
I have only just registered and am a very new newbbie in this whole video editing scene. I am using a sony dcr ip220e with firewire connection to my laptop running win xp pro. I have successfully managed to capture one hour video tape to my laptop this saved as an mpeg file with a size of 5gb... Does this sound correct???

The next task i wanted to achieve was to edit the video and add in a few titles and some decent music to go with the video. The problem that i am facing in Ulead Vs11 is that when i add the file it only seems to playback all of the file although on the time line the bar stops at almost 30 secs... Even the duration is 30 secs but carries on playing after this. I am confused as to how this is happening. Im not sure if i can increase project duration/time line...

Please can somebody kindly help me out with this problem. I want to basically have at the end a 1 hour, avi file, with my edits.... At the moment i cant seem to go past the edit!!

Thanks in Advance!