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Thread: The Accomplice

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    Default The Accomplice

    Tell me if this works,
    its windows media encoded i believe.
    ignore the blurriness and smallness if it plays

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    Default Thanks


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    Nice Would be greate to see a better encode though.
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    Couple of comments I'd like to make here....

    1) Holy Crap, the opening shots are almost exactly what I have planned for my competition entry. You'll see what I mena in a month or two. I was also considering some colour effect and/or a bit of desaturation to get the mood I'm after.

    2) Looks like you have the same problems as me, trying to get a widescreen presentation out as a WMV. I noticed the black bars top and bottom

    3) Following on from 1 above, you could probably have entered it in the competition. I could see it working with the 'Sinister' soundtrack.

    Good stuff though. I liked it.

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    Thanks a bunch for the replies, what could I do to make it look better but still have a small file size


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    U can upload upto 5MB to the forums, so crank up that bitrate a bit.
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    I'll do that.

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    Default Trouble

    I am having trouble making the video 5mb or under and still looking good.
    What presets should i try exactly
    I think I am doing this wrong

    Steven Bogda

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    Not to worry, get it looking good, then email it to me and I'll host it.
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    Alright thanks

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