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Thread: what software to help improve audio +?

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    Hi I am new here. I have used a video camcorder since the over the shoulder Panasonics with an actual vhs tape and then went onto Sony Super 8, Hi 9 etc. Personally liked the infrared focusing as compared to the TTL and then retired from our family hobby as I did not like the style and size of cameras that came out and then went back to my 35 mm Nikons mounted with various lens and now of course am into Digi Cams, SLR, Panasonic LZ7 and the Canon S5IS. I use them with editing software for slide shows and am now back with my 2 year old Panasonic camcorder PV-GS300 which I use with a Rode Mic. ..'Directional Video Cndenser'. At the time that was the only camcorder that was available and would de reasonably what I wanted.

    I added the external Mic b/c I have always realized the importance of half decent audio, The Mic works well except when at a wedding when we have tweaked the MC's mic and done a sound check and some 'yahoo' goes up and changes it....

    The issue then is that the user of the Mic literally 'eats' it and has it too close to the mouth which makes it virtually uninteligible as to what is being said.
    No matter how you flag the person and point at the mic....they start holding it away from them and then end up eating it again .....horrors.

    I was wondering if there is a program that can assist in helping to correct this and also somehwat 'normalize' so that the sound fits into the rest of the video without sounding too lond.BTW, I must ask how i find my posts here as I click on my name and can't see the option and as well I do Quick Links and try there. Even at the moment I can't find how to move this window up as the external arrows on the peripheral move the entire screen? Apologies for the ignorance...I've never come across this before !
    I should say that I have googled 'Power Director' and 'Dexster Sound Editor'.....any experienced user opinions about these and suggestions of others?
    The only other need that I would want is to add a title and maybe a little text, but not much and then credits at the end.

    I don't know if I need 2 apps to do this and it would indeed help if the program was usefriendly as I have 2 hobbies now as a semi-retired 'baby boomer' and that is my Photo slide hobby and as well conversion of VHS dated tapes to DVD as they will not be availabe.

    I would really appreciate suggestions. I have looked at some Audio programs via Google but would like to hear from experienced people and then wonder about adding a title, text amd credots just to spark up the video.

    I used to edit my old video cameras with specific equipment and so using a computer will be a whole new thing.
    I have a Toshiba notebook with xpsp2, 96% disc space available and am looking for apps with a small foot print.
    I don't want to look at Adobe as I have been there once and the learning curve was too much in that I did not do this everyday.

    I would like to start out by fixing the sound where people are eating the mic at these weddings when speaking...the last was my god daughter's wedding and then add in a little tex.

    The video would be approx 30 -4- min in length.

    Thank you for your time and interest and I look forward to suggestions.
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