I have been thoroughly impressed by my friends ( pkbristol) sony ex1 - except for the fact that it's his not mine, has a fixed lens, cant be shoulder held, and has a rubbish finder ( I dont do flip out).

I so approve of the fact that sony has chosen for forget hdv on this cam and gone for 'proper' HD - 35 mbit instead of hdv's oddly specced 17mbit and a much more reliable compression algorithm based on intra frame mpeg 2 rather than mpeg4 type squishing.

Anyone who has had a dropeed frmae on hdv will relise that that compression is across frames - loose one frane a few go down.

Mpeg 2 intra frame also seems to suffer far less postage stamping on fast action. Sony have done the hi def thing properly on this cam.

So there I am happy in my low work high liesure poverty lifestyle and then sony go and make me into a money grabbing consumer fetishist by bringing out he ex3.....

Proper viewfinder - tick.
Proper lenses - tick.
Shoulder held - tick.

Now I want one - dam you sony - best line up some more work for me PKbristol....