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Thread: Canon DC50 and DVD-RW footage

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    Default Canon DC50 and DVD-RW footage


    I have 2 questions:

    1) I managed to get the data file (.vro) off some TDK DVD-RW discs onto my computer. The MyDVD software that came with the Canon box, does not read .vro files. NOW what?

    2) Some footage on other discs is corrupt. The camera can play it back on it's LCD, but I cannot copy the .vro file to the PC, it gives a cyclic redundancy check error, ie file corruption. How do I get the functional footage off the camera?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Does the Canon not use .vob or some other version of mpeg to store it's actual video files? And it is these .vob files you need to copy instead, I don't use a Canon so please correct me if this information is wrong. I'm just wondering why you need to copy data files onto your computer.

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    I initially had the same problem with my DC330 - however on surfing around for information about .VRO - I found a site that suggested I just rename the file as .mpg and then my software could a) find it and b) read it... canon make good cameras but are really lousy on their siftware bundle quality front... The Corel software with mine kept crashing - it is / was useless!.
    I suggest you firstly copy the vro file/s to a new folder and then try rename them as .mpg and see if that works - it does for us. But make sure the file you rename is but a copy - not your only one otherwise if it doesn't work you may lose footage.


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    To answer Nikosony's question: I have to get the files off each of my ten 30min DVD's so I can edit them to one final DVD movie. Each disk contains only two files. One .IFO file of 12kb and one .VRO file of 1.2GB average -depending on how many mins of filming I did.

    I renamed some .VRO to .mpg and managed to import it into MyDVD ver. 6.1.6.
    By the way, quick time does not play any renamed mpg file of 1GB. Only MyDVD can play it, BUT.....

    ...MyDVD jitters, hangs, then stops playing after 5 seconds on ANY copied and renamed .mpg file.

    I cannot believe how one can buy a seemingly "all-in-one" box, with camera, software etc, and after a 3 week holiday, none of it can so far be viewed in it's entirety or even be close to being edited. Is this normal for the hobby home movie making industry???? I guess cheap and nasty setup says it all....

    Thanks for your help

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    I've been doing a bit of work with mpg and mp4 files recently, we have a wedding coming up in October and some of the invited guests can't make it so we are going to put clips on YouTube and Vimeo for them to view. Over the past weekend I've downloaded a few pieces of software to try and get a production pipeline working that will cope with these filetypes. Some of the software I have tried is...

    MPEGJoin which will allow you to import mpeg files and join them together to make one complete video, it will also allow you to play them back. I also used MPEGStreamClip1.2 and Quicktimealt181 (an alternative version of Quicktime that you need to install so MPEGStreamClip1.2 works properly) apparently it has extra codecs built into it that the 'official' version of Quicktime doesn't. FlaskMPEG is also a good mpeg to avi video convertor there are many others including SuperC. Also try VirtualDubMod as it will allow you to open mpeg files and save them as avi.

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    Thanks, once I've recovered from my rage on the loss of my video footage and the general PT associated with owning a video camera, I'll download these apps and give them a try.

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